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Formative Pruning

Formative pruning is used on young trees to provide good shape and structure. It entails the removal of dead, diseased, crossing, damaged branches and side branches from the lower third of the main stem. It is often done in the winter on deciduous trees but this varies. We would ensure that the tree grew in a natural and healthy way.

Crown Thinning

The removal of selected branches within the crown to increase light and reduce wind resistance. With this procedure we would maintain the natural shape while reducing foliage density. Thinning is normally done to a percentage of the base tree and from secondary branches. More branches are removed from the outside of the crown to maintain good structure.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction sometimes know as tree shaping differs from crown thinning in that it is the reduction of the size of the canopy as opposed to its density. We would keep the natural shape of the crown during this procedure. Excessive removal of the tree canopy can lead to a variety of problems for the tree in question, so our professional staff would go through the viable options with you regarding this procedure.

Crown Lifting

The removal of lower branches from a tree to increase light and also allow access for people or vehicles.

Hedge Trimming

The reduction of the height and width of hedges to maintain a good shape and prevent light loss. We provide a full hedging service to keep your hedges in tip top condition.


This is the practice where a tree is maintained at a specific height. Traditionally they have been maintained at a height of twenty to thirty feet. A large maturing tree can be kept small when pollarded. Using this method a trees water uptake can be reduced.

Other Services We Provide:

• Diseased, Dangerous Or Unwanted Trees Sectioned Or Removed
• Maple, Magnolia & Fruit Trees - Pruned, Sprayed Or Removed
• If A Neighbours Tree Is Causing Problems, Or Blocking Out Sunlight, We Can Help By Pruning Back To Your Boundry


A garden is so much more than just an outdoor area.
It’s an extension of your home, your lifestyle: you.
We specialise in a wide range of garden landscaping services, tackling the jobs you haven’t got the time or expertise to manage yourself. So whether you’re after a complete garden transformation, a low maintenance gravel garden or just some new fencing or turfing, why not let us do the hard work for you? Getting the stunning garden you want just might be easier than you think.

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